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I Was Just a Radioman is about the true life WW2 experiences, memoirs, of Chief ARM Henry P. Lawrence−a Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat, and decorated war veteran.

Chief ARM Henry P. Lawrence was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, three Air Medals, the Navy Unit Citation, the Philippine Liberation Medal, and Air Crew wings with three stars. He was authorized a total of seven stars on his Asian Pacific Ribbon. He returned home in 1945 as Chief ARM. He was also recommended for the Silver Star, but that was not awarded.

After the war, Henry P. Lawrence spent another eighteen years in the Navy Reserves, leaving the service as a Master Chief Petty Officer.

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We heard those words for years growing up. None of us understood, never really got the impact of what he was saying…until we were adults.

Being the why child, I tended to ask a lot of questions. It didn’t change when I got older. Actually, to be honest, it probably got worse.

However, his answers changed. They weren’t as vague or non-descriptive as they were when I was younger. My father started opening up, just a little, about the war. He started talking about WW II, being a Pearl Harbor survivor, and his experiences during that time. When he’d asked me to help him with his memoirs, I readily agreed. I would help him put it all in writing, so the world could hear his story.

He worried that people would forget the horrors. He didn’t want people to forget…

It’s been 75 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s time to get his story out. It’s time to remind people of those times, so we won’t ever make the same mistakes again.

It’s time to introduce you to my hero.

Henry Paul Lawrence


This is a collection of Henry Lawrence’s memorabilia. Photos, insignias, names, rosters, and more will be added as I scan them and post them on this website.

This will be a great place to get information that’s not easy to find. To some WW 2 history buffs, it’ll be a smorgasbord of information. Perhaps you may find a relative or neighbor in the mix.

You may purchase the print copy of Henry Lawrence’s memoirs: I Was Just a Radioman at your favorite bookstore. Or you may purchase the ebook on Amazon.

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Pearl Harbor burial at sea: http://www.hookelenews.com/burial-at-sea-honors-pearl-harbor-hero/

Tell us about your WWII stories and experiences! Have you heard stories from a relative? Tell us about them! 

Link: www.PacificHistoricParks.org

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