The Long and Little Doggie

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The Long and Little Doggie -- A Granny Pants Story is a children's book series perfect for your reschool to Kindergarten child (available in paperback and e-book).

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The Long and Little Doggie - Let your children enjoy the wonders and adventures of pets that join a family, bringing joy and heartwarming moments to their everyday lives. This story is about Tubby and Riley, two dogs who needed a good, loving home.

Purchase The Long and Little Doggie: (The Long and LIttle Doggie Series Book 1)

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Riley Gets into Predicaments - Children will enjoy reading and hearing about the silly antics of a puppy still learning how to be a good listener. This story is about Riley, a cute, little, rescue puppy who gets into all sorts of predicaments.

Purchase Riley Gets Into Predicaments: (The Long and Little Doggie) (Volume 2).

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El Perrito Largo y él Perrito Pequeño

Permita a sus niños que disfruten de las maravillas y aventuras de las mascotas domésticas que se integran a la familia, llevando alegría y momentos conmovedores a su vida cotidiana.                                                                                                                                

Esta historia es acerca de Tubby y Riley, dos perritos  que necesitan de un hogar bueno y cariñoso.


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