Pambling Roads

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My Pambling Roads Journals help readers spark their interest with historical trivia and tidbits. It’s an interactive journal designed to nurture creativity and self-motivation. With a small section by the Pambling Roads author sharing her travels, she has included short quips about the places she's been.

The second portion features one side for drawings, sketches, or pasting personal pictures, and the other side lined for notes or journal writing. 

This journal can be used to cultivate exploration, focus on daily acknowledgment of the simple joys of life, on the blessings given, or to write down inspirational quotes−whatever the heart desires, and stirs the readers’ interest. 


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All the Pambling Roads books can be purchased as an Ebook on Amazon with color pictures! *print up with your printer* This is a beta test to see if it's what readers want. If readers are interested in purchasing the ebooks, I will continue with the rest of the series. (You can email me also and let me know you'd be interested in the ebook.)

My Florida Journal


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