The Book Exchange

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The Book Exchange


The book exchange is a great way to get your books out there (and mine). 

The book exchange is a purchase exchange. You buy my E-book or Trade Paperback book and I'll buy your book (up to a 6.99 value each please)

You buy two of my books? I buy two of your books. (of equal value) You buy all three of my books...I buy three of your books. Send proof of purchase 

I will then purchase your book and send you a proof of purchase.


Send me an email Tell me the book or e-book you want me to purchase (up to a 6.99 value please). I will purchase it and then send you proof of purchase. In exchange, you purchase one of my books. Please return the favor by showing proof of purchase.


We all win.

This is for a limited time. Because, well, I haven't won the lottery so funds are limited. :-)

You purchase one or more of my books -- I purchase one or more of your books


My time travel books:

Both of my books Across the Wilderness and Into the Wilderness are available as an E-book on Amazon.

The trade paperback book -- Across the Wilderness -- can be purchased at any bookstore

OR you can purchase on both on Amazon. Amazon author page



Thank you!


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